Emma and Jacob to Appear on “From the Top.”

We are excited to announce that Emma and Jacob were chosen to appear on the nationally syndicated NPR radio show, “From the Top.”

Appearing on “From the Top” is widely recognized as the pinnacle for young classical singers and musicians of all genres.

Emma and Jacob will be performing at the Ordway in St. Paul on November 13th.

For more information of for tickets, please click here.


One Reply to “Emma and Jacob to Appear on “From the Top.””

  1. My wife (a classically-trained professional pianist) and I attended this performance. We both were struck by the competence and capability of such very young musicians. I came away doubly impressed by Emma’s sense of herself and her own person. She spoke well and eloquently to the show host, Christopher O’Riley. It had to be nerve-wracking for her, knowing that although she was playing to a local audience of only about 1500 people the performance she and her brother concocted was going to be broadcast on the APM Network to more than 2,000,000 people. However, Emma is possessed of great charm, wit, and humor, as well as considerable poise far beyond her years. Emma is in the midst of those early teen years whicht for most girls are fraught with angst. She certainly showed none of it, either during their performance or afterward at the reception when I got to speak to her for about 10 minutes. What a charming young Lady.

    Jacob seems to have all the impetuous glee and impishness expected of a 9-year-old who knows (and has proven) he is exceptional. What an ebullient young Gentleman, and yet he too has a serious side. Just ask him about his music and his face calms and his voice assumes a tone of both profound respect and determination.

    I will most certainly be watching these two as they mature in age. One point of my curiosity will be to see if they are joined by a third (and perhaps by a fourth) sibling. A piano quartet? Not at all out of the question.

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